In 1835 Elisha F. Loucks was operating what would be the first grist mill in Russell Township. It was water powered, had one pair of grinding stones and was situated on the north side of the Castor River, just east of Loucks Bridge.   By 1849 the mill had expanded as in that year it had two pairs of stones.  In 1861 Loucks' son Norman was also working in the mill helping to grind the corn and wheat for flour.  The  mill kept growing; in 1871 it was owned by John W. Loucks (Loux) and employed four men for eight months of the year.  The 48 horse power generated by the water provided the power to manufacture 4,800 barrels of flour with a value of $28,800.00.   The Loucks family were still operating the grist mill in 1898 but it must have closed shortly after as we can find no further evidence of Loucks' or Loux's grist mill.