William" Dexter, son of Thomas Dexter, was born in England,  came to America with his father, and was in Barnstable in  1650. He lived on one of the two farms that his father  bought. He took oath in. Barnstable in 1657. He removed  to Rochester about 1679 and died there in 1694. He was  one of a party of thirty, which included such men as William Bradford, Kenelem Winslow, Thomas Hinckley and  Rev. Samuel Arnold, who became the grantees of the town  of Rochester. When he died he owned considerable land  both in Barnstable and in Rochester which he gave to his  children, as follows: James Dexter, Thomas Dexter and  John Dexter- had the Rochester lands, while Stephen  Dexter, Philip Dexter and Benjamin'' Dexter had the  Barnstable land. The children all went to Rochester  except Philip, who removed to Falmouth, Mass., and  Stephen, who remained in Barnstable and who was the only  one of the name in the town in 1703.   William- married Sarah Vincent, July, 1653, and they  had seven children, all born in Barnstable :   i Mary Dexter, b. Jan., 1654; m. Moses Barlo Jr. Removed to    Rochester.  ii Stephen Dexter, b. May, 1657; m. Ann Saunders.  iii Philip' Dexter, b. Sept., 1659; m. Alice Allen; d. 1741.  iv James Dexter, b. May, 1662; d. 15 July, 1694; m. Elizabeth Tobey.  v Thomas' Dexter, b. July, 1665; m. (1) Mary Miller, 1695, (2)  Sarah C. March, 1702 ; d. 31 July, 1744. No issue.  vi John' Dexter, b. Aug., 1668; m. Sarah ; d. 31 July, 1744.  vii Benjamin' Dexter, b. 16 Feb., 1670 ; m. Sarah Arnold ; d. 1784.