Standish, Cumberland, Maine



Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burnell, Alfred  1910Standish, Cumberland, Maine I2373 Clark and Jones 
2 BURNELL, EDITH MARIAN  1910Standish, Cumberland, Maine I1490 Clark and Jones 
3 Burnell, Florence May  1910Standish, Cumberland, Maine I1616 Clark and Jones 
4 Burnell, Frank  1910Standish, Cumberland, Maine I2125 Clark and Jones 
5 Burnell, Fred O. or W  1910Standish, Cumberland, Maine I1924 Clark and Jones 
6 Burnett, Myrtle M  1910Standish, Cumberland, Maine I2372 Clark and Jones 
7 Frost, Monte C  1930Standish, Cumberland, Maine I1705 Clark and Jones 
8 Long, Maud  1910Standish, Cumberland, Maine I1642 Clark and Jones 
9 Merrifield, Alice Christine  1910Standish, Cumberland, Maine I1489 Clark and Jones 
10 Merrifield, Linwood Alton  1910Standish, Cumberland, Maine I936 Clark and Jones 
11 MERRIFIELD, PERCY LINWOOD  1910Standish, Cumberland, Maine I1491 Clark and Jones 
12 Witham, Emma  1930Standish, Cumberland, Maine I1306 Clark and Jones